Our Story

In 2020, Layco Medical Devices was established as a spin-off from the research group “Surgery for All” at TU Delft. Currently based in Amsterdam, the company has been steadily expanding and is currently in the research and development phase for two medical devices.

During her internship at a Kenyan referral hospital, Dieuwertje observed a discrepancy between the medical equipment that was available and the equipment that was needed for low- and middle-income countries. The devices that were available were primarily designed and manufactured for high-income countries, which made them costly, dependent on expendable materials, and difficult to maintain and repair.

Dieuwertje and her business partner Thom decided to address this issue and make medical devices accessible to all, everywhere. This led to the creation of LAYCO in 2020. Along with their team, they are constantly working to make a difference. They are located in Amsterdam Oost, and visitors are always welcome to drop by for a cup of coffee or tea.

Our Mission And Vision

At LAYCO Medical Devices, we specialize in simplifying complex medical issues through user-friendly devices. We believe that medical devices should be affordable and reusable, rather than disposable, in order to maximize their value while minimizing impact on the environment. We are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo in healthcare accessibility, and we strive to make a positive impact.

Make Impact

We strive to impact billions of lives by increasing access to durable medical equipment while generating a healthy profit to expand our impact. We are socially driven problem solvers, ambitious to make impact.

Honesty With A Smile

Teams win championships, not individuals. In our team, we are open to feedback, determined to continuously grow and learn every day. We are direct and positive towards each other and our community. More importantly, ⅓ of our life is spent at work so we do it with a smile ;-).

Let's Keep It Simple

Reducing complex medical problems to user-friendly devices is what we do best. It’s simple; medical devices should be affordable and reusable, not disposable to maximise profits. We are innovators and like to challenge the status quo. Why not make healthcare accessible and reduce impact on the environment while at it?

meet our team

Dieuwertje Drexhage - Layco Medical - Affordable medical devices
Dieuwertje Drexhage

Co-Founder, Technical Development

Thom Weustink - Layco Medical - Affordable medical devices
Thom Weustink

Co-Founder, Business Development

Julia Raaijman
Julia Raaijman

Quality Assurance

Christiaan Bakker
Christian Bakker

R&D Engineer

Roos Wiltink - Layco Medical Devices team
Roos Wiltink

Product Validation

Gabriele Puma

Business Development

Camila Cuadrado
Camila Cuadrado

Business Development

Iris Meijer
Iris Meijer

Business Development

And amazing partners


Feel free to reach out as we are always looking for talented people and partners.