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We design and sell affordable high quality medical devices without disposables

According to research by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery five billion people lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anaesthesia care when needed.

It is our mission at LAYCO to make medical devices available for the billions*.”

*Billions of people



The cost of acquiring a medical device, particularly a complex device, is usually only the tip of the financial iceberg. Costs of accessory options, years of warranty, logistics of delivery, installation procedures and recurrent costs for maintenance, spare parts, consumables, reagents for diagnostic kits, and training can amount to more than 80% of the total cost of a device.


Healthcare generates 5% of global annual emissions – the equivalent of 514 coal power plants. Surgery is the biggest offender within the healthcare system with heavy reliance on consumables.


Most medical equipment used in low resource settings is imported from industrialised countries. About 70% of the more complex devices do not function when they reach their destination in developing countries.



Medical devices by LAYCO are simple in design and developed for their intended use. Re-usability lowers the cost per use significantly compared to single-use alternatives.

Fully reusable and sustainable

Easy to clean and reusable parts to reduce the burden on the environment and reliance on the supply chain


A basic set of skills are required and learning how to use our devices is easy to learn through available training material.
Goodscope Vela-03
Goodscope Vela-02
Our reusable and affordable devices
Goodscope by Layco Medical Devices

The Goodsope™ video laryngoscope

Video laryngoscopes are commonly costly or reliant on expendable materials. The Goodscope™ video laryngoscope, developed by LAYCO Medical Devices, is the first high-quality, reusable video laryngoscope available at a cost-effective price point. A high-quality device that is equipped with wireless connectivity capabilities, allowing it to be paired with any phone or tablet, making it a cost-effective and versatile solution for airway management.

The vela™ vacuum extractor

Traditionally, vacuum extractors have been either costly electric-powered devices or disposable instruments that are discarded after each use. Our product, Vela, is the first reusable vacuum extractor that is available at a cost-effective price point. The vela™ vacuum extractor, is high quality and due to its minimal design very easy to clean and re-usable over and over again.

The VELA by Layco medical devices


Interested in the Goodscope™video laryngoscope or vela™ vacuum extractor?