What is the goodpump

The Goodpump (working name), is an all-in-one vacuum extraction system for instrumental delivery. Providing an affordable alternative to electrical and disposable vacuum extraction devices, the aim of the Goodpump is to increase the accessibility of vacuum extraction. Vacuum extraction is a safe and effective procedure to alleviate numerous birth complications.

Unfortunately, vacuum extraction is not used as much in low- and middle-income countries compared to western countries. The reason for this: current solutions for vacuum extraction are designed for use in high-resource settings, resulting in high cost and dependency on other facilities that are often not available in low resource settings.

The Goodpump is designed for reuse, and thus for cleaning. Easy assembly and disassembly is therefore incorporated into the device, making sterilisation possible. Initial cost as well as upkeep costs are lower in comparison to its competitors. To top it off, it’s easy to use!

These attributes make for an amazing product, and we are excited to take you through the development process with us!

The Goodpump by Layco medical devices
The Goodpump by Layco Medical devices

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